Trim-V Labiaplasty

Every feminine rejuvenation procedure should be custom-tailored to each woman’s anatomy and concerns. For some women, reducing the size of the labia minora without addressing the clitoral hood won’t produce the desired results.

Dr. Jennifer Harrington’s specialized type of labiaplasty, the Trim-V labiaplasty technique, combines traditional labia minora reduction with clitoral hood reduction for a natural-looking result that improves both physical comfort and aesthetics.

Labia reduction is an individualized procedure. As a leading female board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Harrington understands a woman’s anatomy and concerns when it comes to feminine hygiene, comfort and confidence. She developed the Trim-V technique to maximize improvements in both form and function for women in the Twin Cities and throughout Minnesota.

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Why Consider Trim-V Labiaplasty

Every woman is unique in her anatomy and it’s perfectly natural to have differently sized, shaped or colored labia than another.

  • Particularly large labia minora, or inner vaginal lips, can be genetic or brought on by age, childbirth, changes in hormones or weight loss. While enlarged labia minora are not always problematic, some women can feel uncomfortable in tight-fitting clothes, swimwear or during intimacy as a result. Enlarged labia can also contribute to hygiene problems or an increased rate of infections.
  • Many women also have an enlarged clitoral hood, which isn’t always addressed in basic labiaplasty techniques. An enlarged clitoral hood can result in an awkward transition to the vaginal lips if the labia are reduced without taking into consideration the natural curvature of a woman’s anatomy.

The Trim-V labiaplasty technique gracefully incorporates clitoral hood reduction with labia minora reduction with special incisions that allow for the most natural-looking results.


Your Trim-V Labiaplasty Procedure

Prior to your procedure, Dr. Harrington will advise you on the best feminine rejuvenation approach to meeting your needs. She may recommend combining your Trim-V labiaplasty with labia majora reduction to ensure that the inner and outer lips are symmetrical and complement one another. Women with stubborn pockets of fat just above the pubic bone may also wish to include mons pubis reduction with liposuction to streamline their midsection.

During your Trim-V labiaplasty procedure, Dr. Harrington will use a curvilinear incision to gracefully trim the inner labia to create smaller and more proportionate folds. This incision is carefully formed to provide a natural transition the clitoral hood. The clitoral hood is then also reduced and incorporated naturally into your new shape. The result is a natural-looking, youthful appearance. The incisions are closed using dissolvable sutures and Dr. Harrington will apply an antibiotic cream.

Dr. Harrington performs all Trim-V labiaplasty surgeries at her Plymouth office or at an accredited outpatient surgery center. The procedure takes 45 minutes, but plan to be in the office for 1 to 2 hours.  You may return home soon after your labia reduction.

Trim-V Labiaplasty Recovery

After your Trim-V labiaplasty, you can expect some degree of soreness, swelling or redness for the first several days of your recovery. If you experience any post-operative bleeding, wear a sanitary pad. Avoid using tampons for at least 10 days after surgery. Most women are prepared to return to work after only 3 or 4 days of healing, but you should refrain from sexual intimacy, exercise and other strenuous activities for 6 weeks after your procedure.

Dr. Harrington will provide you with detailed post-surgical instructions, including whether to use antibiotics. During your follow-up appointments, she will make sure you are healing safely and quickly, adjusting post-op care instructions as needed.

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Trim-V Labiaplasty
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Trim-V Labiaplasty
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A female board-certified plastic surgeon in the Twin Cities, Dr. Harrington performs labiaplasty using her own Trim-V technique to enhance genital appearance.

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