Clitoral Hood Reduction

With over 8,000 nerve endings, the clitoris is a critical part of achieving sexual satisfaction for many women. Sensation and stimulation can be impaired, though, if the clitoral hood overwhelms the clitoris, covering those ultra-sensitive nerve endings with too much tissue.

A larger clitoral hood may also look out of balance with the labia minora or labia majora that make up the vulva. A clitoral hood reduction, or clitoral hoodectomy, can enhance the look and function of your clitoris for a more pleasing appearance and more pleasurable intimacy.

Clitoral hood reduction can improve both aesthetic concerns and sensation. Plastic surgeon Dr. Jennifer Harrington of Harrington + Associates Plastic Surgery specializes in gynecological plastic surgery, helping women from the Twin Cities and throughout Minnesota feel better about their appearance.

Contact us to schedule a free consultation at our Plymouth office and learn how Dr. Harrington can help you feel more like your most confident self again.

Why Consider Clitoral Hood Reduction

The clitoral hood protects the visible tip of the clitoris (clitoral glans) from constant rubbing but a more extensive or redundant hood may make it difficult to reach orgasm and enjoy stimulation. Whether your primary goal is aesthetics or improved intimacy, a clitoral hood reduction may be right for you.

Clitoral hood reduction removes the bulky extra tissue to create a smoother look and increase sensation in the clitoris.

After a clitoral hood reduction, you may feel more comfortable and confident engaging in sexual activity. You may also find it easier to become aroused and orgasm once the excess tissue has been removed.

Women who have a larger clitoral hood often tend to have enlarged labia too. A clitoral hood reduction can be combined with labiaplasty for more comprehensive rejuvenation and sleeker vulva contours. Labiaplasty reshapes and reduces the labia with either labia minora reduction, labia majora reduction or both to address medical and cosmetic concerns for a more harmonious look.

Your Clitoral Hood Reduction Procedure

During a clitoral hood reduction, Dr. Harrington carefully trims back the hood to improve its appearance and allow for maximum sensation without leaving the clitoris too exposed.

Without enough tissue to protect it, the clitoris may be extremely sensitive as you go about your daily activities or engage in sexual activity, causing an uncomfortable or overly intense sensation.

Clitoral hood reduction is an outpatient procedure that takes about 45 minutes to an hour and can be performed at Dr. Harrington’s state-of-the-art Plymouth office or an accredited surgical facility.

IV sedation or a local anesthetic is administered to block nerve signals and control bleeding. Because a general anesthetic isn’t used, you should feel alert enough to go home soon after your procedure.

Clitoral Hood Reduction Recovery

You may experience minor discomfort or pain and mild swelling after your clitoral hood reduction. Dr. Harrington prescribes pain medication if needed to ensure your comfort and antibiotics to reduce the risk of infection.

If you have post-operative bleeding, you can wear a sanitary pad but you shouldn’t use tampons for 10 to 12 days. You should also wait to have sex for about 6 weeks.

Dr. Harrington may recommend bed rest on the day of your surgery, then taking it easy for a few days. You may be able to return to work after the first couple days depending on your activity level. A numbing cream may help reduce discomfort from rubbing as you resume your daily routine.

Next Steps

At Harrington + Associates Plastic Surgery, we make your personal comfort and confidence our top priority, and we take pride in helping each woman to feel her absolute best. For help deciding whether clitoral hood reduction may be right for you, please call us at 651-290-7600 or contact us online.

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