Cosmetic Gynecology

Appearance plays a central role in women’s lives, including the appearance of your most intimate area. Any number of factors can impact this region, changing how our body parts look, feel or function. Childbirth, aging and genetics can all affect the structure and appearance of the vulva, which can cause self-consciousness, embarrassment and even physical discomfort that interferes with sexual intimacy and other physical activities. In some cases, these issues can take a toll on a woman’s overall quality of life.

Cosmetic gynecology addresses both the aesthetic and functional issues concerning the vulva. Dr. Jennifer Harrington of Harrington + Associates Plastic Surgery is a board-certified female plastic and reconstructive surgeon who specializes in gynecological plastic surgery. She has helped women from Minneapolis, St. Paul, Wayzata, Sartell, Minnetonka and well beyond the Twin Cities area to enjoy a rejuvenation of their most personal anatomy.

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Cosmetic Gynecology Options

At Harrington + Associates Plastic Surgery, we understand that each woman has needs that are as sensitive as they are unique. Dr. Harrington offers a number of gynecological plastic surgery procedures to enhance appearance, improve comfort and boost confidence.


The labia form the inner and outer folds around the vagina, and can vary in size, shape and color. Some women are concerned by labia that are asymmetrical, aesthetically unappealing or are out of proportion with the surrounding anatomy. Oversized labia can also cause physical pain and affect clothing options, causing unsightly bulges in swimsuits, athletic wear or tight clothing. Labiaplasty can reshape the labia for an improved look and feel and a rejuvenated appearance.

Clitoral Hood Reduction

The clitoris, a key female sex organ, is protected by a fold of skin called the clitoral hood. The clitoral hood varies in size, shape and thickness, and a large clitoral hood may diminish sexual satisfaction or cause aesthetic concerns. For some women with an oversized clitoral hood, wearing tight clothing can be uncomfortable or painful. A clitoral hood reduction, or hoodectomy, reduces the size of the clitoral hood, which can enhance clitoral sensation and refine aesthetic appearance for greater sexual satisfaction and comfort.

Mons Pubis Liposuction

The mons pubis is the front part of the vulva. Formed by fatty tissue that sits just above the pubic bone, many women find that their mons pubis is disproportionate with the rest of their anatomy. Stubborn fat can gather in this region and be a source of embarrassment, which makes mons pubis liposuction a welcome option for women who want to refine the shape of their pubic region. Mons pubis liposuction is a simple procedure that removes excess fat from the vulva for a leaner, smoother contour.

At Harrington + Associates Plastic Surgery, we make your personal comfort and confidence our top priority, and we take pride in helping each woman to feel her absolute best. For help deciding whether cosmetic gynecology may be right for you, please call us at 651-290-7600 or contact us online.

Cosmetic Gynecology

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