How Viveve® Is a Mommy Makeover for Your Intimate Area

smiling woman kissing daughterIt might not be the most comfortable subject to bring up, but the fact is a lot of women are concerned about vaginal laxity. A loss of vaginal tightness can come as a result of natural aging, and can also be brought on by childbirth. Viveve is a nonsurgical treatment for vaginal laxity designed to rejuvenate the vaginal tissues and restore tightness.*

Increased Confidence, Better Sex

Vaginal laxity can not only make you feel self-conscious about your most intimate parts, it can actually affect your sexual enjoyment. Tighter vaginal tissues can help improve sensations during sex, and feeling better about your body helps make intimacy more enjoyable.*

Viveve can result in an enhanced sexual experience for both you and your partner.*

Say Goodbye to SUI

SUI (or stress urinary incontinence) is particularly common among women who have experienced childbirth. Losing control of your bladder when you sneeze or laugh can be inconvenient, uncomfortable and embarrassing. Viveve can be used to treat stress urinary incontinence, decreasing or even eliminating leakage.*

How Viveve Works

During a Viveve treatment, a specialized device is used to administer radiofrequency waves that help to tighten the tissues of the vagina. The procedure is totally nonsurgicaland can be done during a short office visit. This promising treatment for vaginal laxity can be done on its own or in combination with other cosmetic and functional feminine procedures. Viveve is not painful, does not require anesthesia and requires no downtime afterward.*

Among vaginal rejuvenation procedures, Viveve is unique in that it both addresses vaginal tightness and can help with urinary leakage completely without surgery.

*This information is for education only, and is not meant as a guarantee of results. Your results may vary.


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How Viveve Is a Mommy Makeover for Your Intimate Area
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How Viveve Is a Mommy Makeover for Your Intimate Area
Looking for a treatment for vaginal laxity? Dr. Jennifer Harrington of Minneapolis talks about how Viveve can help tighten you up and treat SUI.
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