Do You Get a Designer Vagina with Labiaplasty Surgery?

Woman riding a beach cruiser along the countryside on a gravel road.There are lots of reasons why more and more women are seeking out cosmetic gynecology procedures, including “designer vagina” labiaplasty surgery. Whether you’ve noticed changes to your body due to childbirth or aging or have always struggled with enlarged labia, labiaplasty can come along with a number of benefits.  

What’s a Designer Vagina, Anyway?

There’s no denying the fact that women’s bodies go through many changes throughout their lives. In some cases, these changes might make you feel self-conscious or uncomfortable, especially in intimate situations. So sharing your cosmetic goals with your plastic surgeon to get a “designer vagina” isn’t about staying on top of trends or wanting to drastically change your body. It’s about helping you look and feel more like yourself again so you can feel confident in your own skin.

What Can Labiaplasty Do for You?

If enlarged labia are causing you pain when riding a bike or wearing certain clothes or are a source of self-consciousness for you, labiaplasty might be an appropriate solution.

There are two primary reasons why you might consider labiaplasty surgery:

  1. to address cosmetic concerns
  2. to address pain or discomfort caused by enlarged labia.

For many women, their labiaplasty goals include a combination of both.

While removing excess tissue that may be causing discomfort when wearing tight clothing or performing certain exercises, labiaplasty can also give you a more aesthetically pleasing look and a boost of self-confidence.

If you think this procedure might be right for you, schedule a cosmetic gynecology consultation with Dr. Harrington to discuss your goals in more detail and help you determine if you could be a good candidate.


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Do You Get a Designer Vagina with Labiaplasty Surgery?
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Do You Get a Designer Vagina with Labiaplasty Surgery?
Does a designer vagina come with labiaplasty surgery? Plymouth board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jennifer Harrington explains the benefits of this procedure.
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